1. Massage increases circulation and moves the blood through the body three times faster than usual. This normalizes and improves arterial circulation.

2. Massage increases the mobility of the chest and promotes lung expansion; thus, developing respiratory muscles.

3. Massage assists digestion by gently propelling the contents of the colon in the natural direction and quickening cellular activity.

4. Massage stimulates lymphatic circulation.

5. Massage improves blood supply to the brain and nervous system.

6. Massage breaks up toxins and lactic acid (bacterial fermentation) which accumulate in the muscle tissue.

7. Massage affects the body much the sames as exercise, but without the fatigue. As well, massage can relieve tight sore muscles caused from “overdoing” a sport or extra ordinary activity.

Massage is not only good for you, it gives you a feeling of being good to yourself.

If you deal with a high level of stress, use massage to relax and revitalize your mind and body.

The AMA (American Medical Association) reports that over 80% of the diseases we suffer are stress related.

The more often the body is given an opportunity to operate in a relaxed state, the more apt it is to operate this way naturally.

I recommend monthly massage therapy treatments to maintain quality living by significantly reducing the cumulative stress patterns that are unavoidable in each of our lives today.


Clinical styles of massage differ from relaxation because they focus on therapeutic goals (for example releasing muscle spasms or strengthening or stretching specific muscles affected by an injury). They use more specific manipulation of the muscle and/or surrounding connective tissue and may address other systems in women receiving a body massage such as the lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous systems.

A lot of the scientific research on the clinical effects of massage therapy has been carried out. While often preliminary or conflicting, much of the evidence points toward beneficial effects on pain and other symptoms associated with a number of different conditions.


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