Wine and Cheese
Wine and Cheese
Payment Options
Payment Options


Have a Massage Social in your Home for $235.00 

The Massage Social is an at-home booking for a total of 3 Massages.

Meet with two friends at your home, to each have an hour Therapeutic Massage for $65.00.

There is a $25.00 non-refundable Travel/Setup fee (within a 15 mile radius) that is part of the $235.00 total.

The travel/setup fee is due when the Massage Social is booked (at least 1 week ahead).

This is an ideal  time to have friends over for wine and cheese with Massage as the Specialty!

You can  secure “your evening” on a monthly basis or for one specific evening event.

Call me to set up a Massage Social today!

CALL 816-525-2656 or TEXT 816-529-3265

Massage is the best health assurance you can buy.

It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Blessings to you and yours!